Timelabs: Supporting Organizations to Optimally Utilize Their Workforce

CIO Vendor With the changing dynamics of HR operations and fast-evolving technology trends, HR automation and tech-enabled practices are becoming more relevant than ever. Organizations today look for a system that offers a comprehensive solution that is flexible, scalable, and compliant to their workforce automation needs. The idea is to be more capable of improving employee engagement and validation at work, which is the need of the hour to be able to evade the phenomena of `great resignation' and `growth capping' in the corporate.

Perfectly understanding the aforementioned requirements of client organizations, the Jaipur-based HRMS solution provider, Timelabs caters to people's management factors within an organizational framework with the necessary automation of tedious and repetitive tasks of the HR Department.

The company's HRMS software ­Timelabs, keeps adding a new perspective to the solution, responding to the prevailing market sentiments and technology growth factors. Further, to ensure its clients get the best value out of the system, Timelabs offers customizations within its service ecosystem to best serve their case.

Addressing Day-to-Day HR Problems
Timelabs is working with organizations, small and big, addressing their day-to-day HR problems as well as the advanced needs of Strategic HRM functions like performance evaluation, recruitment, and onboarding and helping clients to eliminate the administrative gaps and optimize their people's management systems. Timelabs is built along the growing awareness and need of organizations to fairly and efficiently deal with the most import-ant resource in any organization, the human resource.

Founded in 2010, Timelabs is well-equipped to cater to the needs of modern-day organizations with advanced process-integrated modules to assist HR Teams in reducing their efforts up to 50 percent with managing employees and saving enormously on the cost of hiring, developing, utilizing, and appraising the workforce.
Turnkey Solution
The system offers a turnkey solution, including supporting hardware such as biometrics and access control solutions. Timelabs stands out as one of the HR Tech Solutions that provides fully integrated application and hardware support to businesses to optimally utilize their workforce to serve their human resource goals.

End-to-End Enterprise-Grade HRMS
The end-to-end enterprise-grade HRMS system is built on the latest tech capabilities. "Continuous development and keeping up with the ever-changing real-world problems in the space of people's administration are some of the factors that keep us distinguished", says Deepa Bhartiya, Co-Founder & CTO, Timelabs.

"Other value differentiators of the system include hassle-free and fast implementation, reliable and robust system, flexibility and scalability, inclusive system hardware solution, excellent customer support, transparent pricing, and user-friendly interface, which is trusted by 480+ client businesses across 30 cities in India", she adds.

To ensure its clients get the best value out of the system, timelabs offers customizations within its service ecosystem to best serve their case

Taking a modest route of growth and expansion over the years, Timelabs has seen phenomenal growth as an HR-tech startup and has added prominent brands like Bosch, L'Oreal, Sharp, MUFG, HIL, Pigeon, and L&T as its product patrons.

The Road Ahead
"Our vision is to be the go-to HRMS platform for organizations to seamlessly integrate end-to-end HR practices into an automated system of people's management. We are constantly building the portal layer by layer, closely addressing the fast-changing trends and concepts that are redefining the roles, conventions, practices, and approaches in the space of HR-tech", says Devesh Bhartiya, Co-Founder & CEO, Timelabs.

"We are doing this by continuously integrating optimum people-centric traits and innovation-driven HR automation modules into the HRMS system and continuously evolving to create better value for organizations and the fraternity at large", he concludes.