20 Most Promising HR Tech Startups – 2019

20 Most Promising HR Tech Startups – 2019

As technology is usurping the outdated business practices, organizations are increasingly embracing digital transformation to gain an edge in the competitive landscape. Human Resource department too is seeing a surge in technological innovation which promises to bring complete transformation across Human Resource value chain. The industry needs innovative HR software solutions and to cater to the increasing need many entrepreneurs have come up with their HR products, proffering numerous benefits of data based decision making. Software vendors are harnessing the benefits of AI, ML to enrich the processes of talent acquisition, talent management, training, payment and enhanced engagement of employees with the organization. However, it is not easy to pick up the right solution for the business practices from among the myriad of options available. Choosing the best software solution needs careful assessment on important parameters of software integration, customization needs, deployment type, cost involved and the return on investment.

Perfectly understanding these challenges and the distinct business needs of the industry, CIOReviewIndia team brings to you a list of “20 Most Promising HR Tech Startups.” This well researched catalogue encompasses a set of new-age vendors that hold the potential to effectively deliver their technical expertise in the segment of Human Resource Technological Solution. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial board, we believe that these companies have the technical acumen and business capabilities to address the unique challenges of human resource today. We believe the listed solution providers will assist businesses across different verticals and industry sectors, meeting the best standards in the years to come

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising HR Tech Startups – 2019.

Top HR Tech Startups –

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Wolves India Provides IT & ITES Recruiting Services, Project Management, Leadership Hiring, RPO & Staffing, HR Shared Services and more
Company Name Company Description
Analysed Provides a platform for both recruiters and job seekers
Benepik Provides solution for Human Resource employment engagement
Clevu Provides solution for the candidates in sourcing for a job that fits their competencies
Emagine Provides solution for recruitment management
Glider Provides recruitment solutions with AI-powered stack ranking and video interviews
HireMee Provides mobile based online assessment platform providing job links to freshers and college students
HiringHut Solutions Provides Recruitment and Staffing solutions
Interview Mocha Provides Skill Screening solutions with enterprise ready assessment platform
InterviewAir Provides an AI based Asynchronous Video Profiling technology for talent acquisition
Jobsoid Provides solutions like recruitment software, video interviewing and recruitment CRM services
N2N Systems Provides solution for HR Technology business
PayReview Provides cloud solutions for compensation and benefits
People Infinia Provides AI powered recruitment technology platform
Rock Interview Provides AI based platform for personalized mentoring of job seekers
Shortlist Provides recruitment solutions ranging from a full-service tech-backed recruiter model to lighter-touch software licensing
Talocity Insta Solutions Provides asynchronous video interview powered vertical SaaS recruitment platform
Vyre Technology Provides a platform that enables recruiters to visualize candidates early in the hiring process
Work Zo Provides customized recruitment solutions
Workstreets Internet Technology Provides Human Resource career guidance and opportunity services