HR Tech: It is Not Only About HR

Babu Thiagarajan, Head - Technology, Fidelity International, India

'Adoption' Is the Buzzword Make HR Technology Easy To Use

Kunal Mehta, Head- IT, Trent Hypermarket Ltd, A TATA and TESCO Enterprise

Role of Information Technology in HRM: Opportunities and Challenges

Sudhakar Kannan, Head - IT and Business Support, codemantra US, LLC

The Blind Men and the Elephant

Faisal Saeed, CIO & Co Founder, Innowi Inc.

Visualizing Big Data to get the Big Picture

Stephen Skinner, CIO, First Team Real Estate

"Leading with the Speed of Light" - Presenting new CIOs as Chief Acceleration Office

Jayabalan Subramanium, CIO & Co-founder, Netmagic Solutions

Preventing Cyber-Attacks in Universities with Operational Collaboration

Michael Corn, Deputy CIO CISO, Brandeis University
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