20 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers -2019

20 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers -2019

India, with its vast population, boasts of a highly competitive talent market. Organizations are gradually investing in HR technology as advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, robotics and machine learning are slated to completely transform the manner in which business is conducted and how HR leaders carry out their tasks. Revolutionizing this sector, an array of automatic tools are available that have been designed and developed to analyze performance management; search the right candidates for the job; undertake real-time engagement evaluation; perform background screening and manage the complete complex process via innovative applicant tracking and recruitment management systems.

In a bid to improve the overall employee experience and simultaneously derive strategic value from the technology leveraged, HR leaders are on the lookout for HR technology providers for solutions such as predictive analytics of attrition, platform to connect with freelancers, seamlessly integrated recruitment solution, AI powered chatbots, cross-functional collaboration tools, AI and ML based compensation and benefits solutions and succession management solution. Recognizing this to be a very dynamic and lucrative marketplace, HR technology solution providers have begun penetrating the market with a myriad of solutions, making it difficult for buyers to make the right decision. Selecting the right vendor in an extremely crowded HR technology market is proving to be tire some.

Assisting in driving a higher value from technological investments, CIOReviewIndia comes to the aid with a compact list of “20 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers -2019”. This list displays 20 companies who possess the right combination of domain expertise, necessary business acumen, team of experts and a portfolio of novel solutions that promise to exceed customer expectations. These vendors have been chosen by an advisory group comprising CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers -2019.

Top HR Tech Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Infotrack Systems Provides integrated, comprehensive, AI based, Cradle-to-Grave HCM solution which is built upon a multitier architecture which uses business layer components/ classes/objects
Company Of The Year
Company Name Company Description
Logo Infosoft Business Technlogy Provides automation solutions on the basis of shared economy principle by experimenting with variety of payment systems, banking solutions and inventory management systems for SMEs
Company Name Company Description
ABC Consultants Offering a wide range of high quality, research based consulting services for talent acquisition to help businesses address the talent needs.
Aon Delivering an array of consulting, outsourcing and insurance brokerage services to help companies attract and retain top talent and achieve better business results.
Azilen Technologies Digital solutions for HR as an enterprise function are provided right from recruitement to employee engagement to performance management to training and development
CareerNet Consulting Serving the HR needs of Banking, Financial Services, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Knowledge Services sectors by delivering simple and cost-effective talent acquisition and management...
Cognizant Provides HCM solution that helps companies shift talent management to the cloud to speed implementations, standardize processes and lower cost of ownership
Culturegrade Helping companies build a great culture at work through an AI powered employee engagement and micro learning platform to improve employees engagement, retention and performance.
FaceInterview and HireGate Offers a pre assessment platform on a video interviewing network for the Jobseekers and a Talent Acquisition System for Enterprises.
Harbinger Systems Helps HR product companies embrace digital transformation and achieve successful business outcomes.
HR URS Providing HR Consulting services and cutting-edge technology solutions to promote ethical, reliable and transparent HR process.
Innovsource Addressing the staffing challenges of companies ranging from sourcing and onboarding to people management and payroll management.
JSM Technologies Specializes in Human Resource Management Software platforms that include Payroll software, HR Software etc.
PeopleStrong Providing an integrated cloud platform to manage all HR operation from on board to payroll.
PeopleWorks Offering cloud based mobile solutions to ease the complex functions of HR executives by streamlining the human resource operations.
Ramco Covers human capital management needs from hire to retire by providing payroll management solutions
Recruitment Exchange Assisting Job Sites to manage back office, customer service, social media account management by providing innovative solutions and support.
TalentBridge Technologies Streamlining the HR processes in simple steps to conduct assessments online with easy-to-follow administration, scoring, and interpretation.
Talocity Offers chatbots and collaborative tools in order to hire and schedule interviews for job seekers as well as live streaming analytics.
Zimyo Offering comprehensive solutions to manage end-to-end HR operations ranging from core HR, payroll, talent management to Employee Engagement
Zoho Provides an HRMS solution that includes many core HR functions including time and attendance management