20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers - 2016

The use of technology within human resource management has grown considerably over the last decade with the majority of organizations now using some form of HR information system (HRIS). The proliferation of HR technology has contributed to the ever growing rise in organisation productivity. Automation of the HR process has contributed in eliminating the many operational challenges faced by companies such as: handling change management, HR effectiveness measurement, compensation, staffing and recruitment, measuring organisation effectiveness, and succession planning.

HR is going to have to embrace and build on technological advancements to meet both employee expectations and business requirements and challenges. With HR technology in place, talent analytics and workplace analysis will become more commonplace, and companies using the data available to them will be far more competitive. The pressure is on for proactive HR innovations that contribute directly to the bottom-line or improve employee efficiency. There are numerous companies offering HR tech services but there are a handful of them who have given a truly phenomenal creation.

CIOReview has sieved a list of 20 companies that has given some remarkable HR tech services which include: cloud-based systems that facilitate storage of all the information in the cloud, mobile HR apps, and various other innovations for successful organisation. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judge including, CEO’s, CIO’s, CXO, analyst, and CIOReview editorial board, we present to you the 20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers. These vendors have developed HRIS to perform a number of functions from the simple storage and communication of information, to more complex transactions.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers - 2016.

Company Name Company Description
Caprice Technologies A provider of Human Resource Management, Payroll, Time & Attendance Management, Biometric Integration etc
eStar Software A provider of Attendence & Leave Management, Payroll and Payslip processing services.
Flock Software A provider of HR Software, HRIS, Health Insurance, Compliance, Payroll, Employee Engagement services and more.
GoForHR A provider of Leave management, Recruitment, Attendence services and more related to HR.
Inowits Technologies A provider of SAP NetWeaver, SAP HCM, SAP PLM services and more.
LS Software Pvt. Ltd. A provider of performance management system which includes employee development & organizational enhancement, performance appraisal services, and surveys.
Mindsoft Technologies A provider of HRM services like Payroll, Recruitment, Performance, Document management services and more.
Paybooks A provider of Online Payroll Software, Payroll Outsourcing Services.
Paysquare Consultancy A provider of end-to-end payroll services that include payroll management, mypayroll,leave management system, and statutory compliance.
PulseHRM A provider of Cloud based HRMS & Payroll, Centralized employee database, Performance Management, Training and Certification services and more.
qilo Technologies A provider of Enterprise cloud platform comprising of Performance Management, Learning, Collaboration, Goal Management, Analytics and Enterprise Social Network.
SysMates Technologies A provider of IT based professionals services which include, automation testing, development, project excecution, and technical expertise in development and testing.
Talent Recruit Software A provider of recruitment software solution delivered to three users as TalentRecruitCorp, TalentRecruitCampus and TalentRecruitSync.
TalentSprint A provider of services in education sector delivering experiential learning programs.
Triadss Tech Solutions A provider of client-specific HR services like Sourcing, Pre-screening, Preliminary interviewing, Coordinating interview and the selection process etc
Triocodes Technologies A provider of services related to HR like On-boarding, Leave, Attendance, Payroll, Reimbursement, Pay slip etc.
Uneecops Technologies A provider of Implementation, Development & Support Services, HRMS & Payroll Solutions and Campus Management Solutions.
Valuehire A provider of Recruitment Software, SaaS Recruitment Software, Cloud Recruitment Software, Applicant Tracking System, Resume Management Software.
workrig Solutions A provider of Human Capital Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll Management, Time & Attendance Management services etc.
Xecute HR Solutions A provider of HR services that include recruitment process management, onboarding, HR process management, advisory services, search and selection services.