Sanathana Analytics and Recruitment Services: Top-notch Talent Acquisition Solutions with the Aim to Create an Impact

CIO Vendor Talent is a continued input. The continued economic development and a rapid digital adoption in the economy is leading to an increased demand for niche skills. As a result, the overall market of HR consultancy is steadily growing. And it becomes a challenge for the companies to keep a track of the skill market evolution and to source right set of candidates with proper skill maturity. Hence it makes a strategic necessity to choose a HR consultancy firm, with quality, reliability and consistency. Apart from saving time and money, outsourcing HR services also adds a strategic edge to the competency arsenal of a company. Sanathana Analytics is one such consultancy firm that added significant value through these partnerships. ‘We go through a continuous learning process so that we can effectively meet the continuously evolving expectations of the industry,’ says Y.Sriranganatha Raju, Director, Sanathana Solutions.

Sanathana Analytics focuses on IT, BFSI and manufacturing sectors. It has built high-quality resources, an unique database, rigorous processes, and appropriate connections over a long period of time. Sanathana Analytics focuses on skill-specific growth journeys. Based on its internal analytics, the backend team can easily identify the probability of a candidate seeking the next level of opportunity. Therefore, once a candidate gets placed through Sanathana Analytics, they remain attached to the firm throughout their career journey.
Faith in God, belief in the purity of our vision and hard work are our true strengths’, says Y.Sriranganatha Raju, Director, Sanathana Analytics.

Sanathana Analytics is data-driven. Using technology, appropriate profiles are sourced, screened and selected through proprietary data driven selection methods. In the first step, the requirements of the organizations are analyzed systemically and a competency matrix is derived. Candidates displaying the competency fitment are filtered. Then a layer of analytics is overlaid to measure the fitment strength. A final qualitative assessment is conducted to wrap up the whole process.

The wide exposure to analytics and the continuous training given to the team sets it apart from other firms

Sanathana Analytics was started to create employment in the small town of Bellampalli in 2017. The founders resigned from their comfortable corporate jobs and formed Sanathana Analytics to contribute to the society at large. From then on, the company to date, company grew ten times in terms of revenue, eight times in terms of employee strength and served twenty times more clients all over the country. Sanathana has a diversified, enthusiastic and passionate talent pool. The experience of the team ranges from industries of recruitment, automobile, mechatronics, academics, analytics, civil engineering to business development. This diversified team offers HR solutions from different perspectives. The wide exposure to analytics and the continuous training given to the team sets it apart from other firms.

‘Within the next five years we want to become the market leader in the recruitment industry,’ he adds. The company aims to contribute to society by providing local employment for at least 1000 young candidates in the small town within the next five years.