DirectusHR: Meeting New Age Hiring & Retention Needs through Customized HR Services

CIO Vendor For any company, people management can be an arduous task starting from hiring the employees to building a work culture that would result in increased productivity. While roping in an HR consultant, it must be understood that providing HR advisory is a critical task with the most challenging procedure being HR consulting firms' capacity to comprehend the current work culture and business procedures of a company to make necessary improvements. Furthermore, with the evolving business structure, today, clients demand cutting-edge HR policies, processes & strategies in addition to establishing cohesiveness & consistency in the thought process as a whole. This calls for an HR consultancy firm with the capability and experience to understand the business structure to create the right balance between innovation & stability which in turn would aid the client companies in developing a resilient workforce for better and improved performance. This is where DirectusHR comes in.

Hemant Nitsure, CEO of DirectusHR says, “DirectusHR is more than an HR Consultant. We are a Growth Partner to the management; we are living, thinking and breathing client’s business as much as the top management to come up with the best people solutions which will address the shortterm as well as long term talent management challenges of the client companies.”

Working Methodology
‘Directus’ means SIMPLE in Latin and DirectusHR was started with a clear thought of creating simple to use HR solutions for its clients. With 7 plus years of experience in HR
consultancy, DirectusHR has developed the B.I.T.S (Build, Implement, Train, Support) model to understand, initiate and deliver effective HR solutions to its clients. Throughout the whole process, DirectusHR actively communicates with the top level management and the in-house HR team to optimize the process and target the loopholes. As the name suggests, in the B.I.T.S model DirectusHR performs a number of activities in a systematic manner, which is again divided into several phases.

At first, DirectusHR tries to understand the client’s business and create the HR tools to meet the specific requirements of the company. This brings the business expertise and professional know-how which the company strives to achieve.

The firm then deploys a project manager from DirectusHR to implement the HR process developed by the DirectusHR experts and make necessary on-ground adjustments. This converts a smart HR solution into a customized perfect fit for client organizations.

“We strongly believe that HR is not just HR’s business and which is why we ensure that people management skills are provided to all client and employees as well. This makes HR changes a sustainable movement in client companies and not just another fly-by operation which stops working after consultants move out,” mentions Hemant Nitsure.

Delivering a range of services with innovation
Today the firm delivers a wide bracket of services to its clients like - HR automation, HR Outsourcing, Strategic HR setup, Organization structuring, performance management, recruitment process management, and more; where it constantly strives to deliver a dedicated service in each case scenario. “Key differentiator between Directus HR & many other HR consultants is our focus on business metrics. DirectusHR strongly believes that to build a great company and great culture, it is very important that everyone in the company is driven by and is chasing the same goal. Our goal-setting and goal-reviewing mechanism ensure that we create a productive, high-achieving & happy workforce,” says Hemant. In the future, DirectusHR wants to bring new developments in key areas like HR Analytics talent management, technology skills, and business focus to exceed the clients’ expectations.