HireLoop: The Future of Work Post COVID-19

CIO Vendor COVID-19 is a true ‘black swan’ event that no one planned for. While it is too early to have a definitive view of what long-term changes it will bring, we are seeing some early trends. One of the most visible shift has been in how remote working (or WFH) that has transformed from being an employee benefit to a primary work model. This is evident in the statements being made by some industry leaders and early research reports. Remote working becoming mainstream also allows organizations to transcend geographical boundaries in engaging talent.

What organizations will need to make ‘remote work’ work?
Organizations will have to shift from a traditional employee lifecycle to a more experience-centric lifecycle. “For Human Resource professionals, the ability to design the most effective journeys for employees will be critical in driving performance across a diverse organization”, says Vinod John, Managing Director of HireLoop. The big shift is likely to be how these journeys will have to be structured more around personalized experiences than being process-driven.

HireLoop 2.0
HireLoop started as a Candidate Experience platform focused on creating a great journey for candidates in the hiring cycle. HireLoop shifted the focus from process milestones to creating immersive experiences for candidates, focused on creating a powerful association with their future employers even before they come onboard. Extending the same philosophy to employee journeys, HireLoop is evolving into an Employee Experience platform that will enable HR Professionals to design and implement experiencecentric employee journeys for all types of employees in the organization.

Diverse Workforce, Personalized Experiences
With a diverse workforce, HR will have to invest in creating contextually
relevant experiences. This level of personalization will include catering to individual tastes, cultural nuances and geographic factors. “The key to designing great experiences is to get hyperlocal – developing a deep understanding of what excites diverse groups and ability to curate experiences at that level,” says Anurag Kapoor, COO of HireLoop.

HireLoop’s technology platform will provide HR professionals the ability to design localized and personalized experiences for their workforce and work with best-in-class partners to deliver those experiences.

The Importance of Gamification
Embedding gamification principles in the employee journeys is critical to drive participation by the employees. HireLoop makes it more immersive for employees by incorporating challenges, quizzes and competitions that allows them to earn HireLoop Points that are used to create internal champions and leaderboards. Employees can also redeem HireLoop Points to access different experiences made available by the organization.

Focus on Innovation, not Administration
HR professionals are tasked to do more with less. A key challenge most HRs face is to source and manage external partners to deliver required experiences. By using new capabilities in the company’s platform, HR would be able to access and manage a large number of employee engagement partners. Using ML models, HireLoop will be able to craft the best employee experience journeys for a diverse set of employees with minimal human input. HireLoop Points Accounting makes it simple for HRs to implement rewards and measure usage & engagement levels.

The Post-COVID-19 World
The upheaval brought by the COVID-19 has made many jobs redundant due to contraction of entire sectors of the economy. These skilled professionals are a readymade talent pool that resilient organizations should be looking to leverage on. Through innovation in how talent journey is perceived in their organizations, they can create talent pools to build a significant competitive advantage. HireLoop is positioned well to be a strategic partner in this innovation journey by helping create powerful employee experience journeys.