Allsec Technologies: A Comprehensive End-To-End Hr Technology Platform

CIO Vendor Human Resources Management Software market is estimated to become worth $33.57 billion, growing at a CAGR of more than 12 percent by 2030 according to Globalnewswire. The market growth can be attributed to the cost-benefit derived out of efficient human resources management and the added advantages of cloud-based services, allowing shared infrastructure to enable categorized applicant details. However, the Indian HRMS market is spread out into multiple segments. Traditionally, the large enterprise segment has been dominated by ERP and HCM solutions and the SMEs have been experiencing explosive growth. A decline in domination of ERPs and HCMs over the large enterprise market is catalysed by the rise of managed service players. Along with that the Indian SME segment is still underserved as the space yet has not been explored and is price-sensitive. Hence, a dire need to develop a comprehensive system that can integrate the complex HR outsourcing services and payrolls with other functionalities of a business organization has emerged in the market.

This is where Allsec Technologies comes into the picture to offer outsourcing solutions and business transformation services to various sectors from large to midsize scales in competitive development cost. With 20 years of experience in the HR technology domain, Allsec caters to all kinds of workforce. In the last five years, they marked their global presence by expanding to 40 countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Holistic Range of HR & Compliance Services
Allsec's digital HRMS software provides end-to-end HR solutions that elevate the employee experiences and business value across industry verticals. With over two decades of experience, their payroll and statutory compliance solutions integrate with ERPs to
augment existing HR systems. SmartHR, Allsec's error-free and low-touch payroll management system and HR management software, provides a comprehensive mechanism for organizations to effectively pursue their HR functions. Allsec's hire-to-retire SmartHR platform seamlessly handles all transactional HR functions from on-boarding, leave management, and time & attendance to employee info store, letters, postings, reimbursements and exits.

Ashish Johri, the CEO of Allsec Technologies says, "We are within the top three in the nation in terms of payroll and labour law experts from a legal perspective. In a month, we have processed over a million error-free payslips for 250+ companies and seen more than 200,000 employees log-in through the self-service portal. In fact, we've processed 2,50,000 payslips for our largest customer. Our pan-India statutory advisory services account for a significant portion of our revenue".

We are amongst the top three in the nation in terms of labour law experts and payroll experts from a legal perspective on our payrolls

Looking Forward
Ashish concludes, "We have been working on a solution for the mid-sized enterprises which is currently in Beta stage. It's built on the latest tech stack, with a mobile-first approach. We will eventually convert this product into an enterprise solution over the next two years. In the meantime, we will continue to build functionality into SmartHR. For instance, we are working on integrating recruitment solutions into this by adding more functionality and modules. The vision is for SmartHR to be an ecosystem of solutions that will retain its current functionalities, but also work with third-party or custom solutions that customer might already have, through API based integration. So if the customer has their own recruitment module, it will potentially integrate it into the recruitment audit module in SmartHR".