Infotrack Systems: Workforce Transformation through End-to-End HCM Solution

CIO Vendor The job market in India is evolving from being an employer centric segment to a candidate driven domain, and it is of essence that businesses leverage new technologies and improve their hiring processes to recruit and retain the best talent. However, most of the HR departments today implement point solutions to attain quick and effective results. Hence, as the organization scales new heights and expands its operations, managing these disparate systems for tasks such as Payroll, Compliance, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Benefits Administration becomes a burden. Despite meeting their allotted narrow tasks, the value of implementing multiple solutions to automate HR functions is constrained as disparate systems work in silos, thereby limiting collaboration and slowing down the strategic decision making process. Companies need to be forward thinking and they ought to transition to an integrated Human Capital Management(HCM) platform in order to achieve better business results.

Perfectly poised in this sector is Hyderabad headquartered Infotrack Systems with its integrated, comprehensive, AI based, Cradle to Grave HCM solution People Dynamics. The solution is built upon a multitier architecture which uses business layer components/ classes/objects,imparting high degrees of extensibility and scalability to the product, making it easy to customize and implement.

The product has been designed and developed by a team of dedicated and technically adept professionals based on Object Oriented Technologies, thus providing superior flexibility, scalability, portability, reliability, robustness and seamless integration."Our solution is based on Open Architecture and can easily interface with existing systems, thereby providing seamless integration. Infotrack can interface with leading ERPs such as SAP, Oracle Apps, and so on", informs Dr. Bhushan Sahni, Managing Director at Infotrack Systems. Dr. Sahni is a PhD in Computer Science and his specialization is Artificial Intelligence. Under his leadership, Infotrack has been leveraging cutting edge technologies to build robust and comprehensive HCM products.

"We have empowered over 600,000 users across the country with over 30HCM modules, making HCM a business transformation enabler with purpose built custom solutions specially built for them"

Being an ISO 9001; 27001; 31000; 22301 & 14001 certified company, it has built one of the only HCM systems known in India that is database agnostic. The Infotrack products are compatible with Oracle and open source database Postgre SQL, thereby drastically reducing database costs. Keeping in mind that HR data is critical, confidential and data security is of utmost importance, Infotrack ensures its offerings are on premise, secure solutions and abide by the confidentiality and security norms. Being on premise, the client has complete control of the data and the system. Simultaneously, the team also offers long term, high quality, cost effective and comprehensive support, post implementation.

Empowering HR Professionals All Over the Country
Incepted in 1994, the company works in a partnership mode with large groups and takes pride in delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, having serviced and retained clients for over 15 years such as Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Co. Ltd (GNFC), ITC, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Vesuvius(I) Ltd , Aurobindo Pharma Group and so on. Infotrack HCM is being used as a single sign on and is the backbone system for around 40+ systems at GNFC Ltd.

Dominating this market for 25 years, Dr.Bhushan reveals, "We have empowered over 600,000 users across the country with over 30 HCM Modules, making HCM a business transformation enabler with purpose built custom solutions specially built for them. It is the modern age HCM solution with cutting edge technology that can be integrated and implemented within any organization to increase people engagement, drive productivity, enhance topline and increase EBITDA margins."

Helping Organizations Bring in the Right Talent
Harnessing the power of next generation technologies and its skilled team, the AI based on premise HCM solution offers a comprehensive HR Suite, ER Suite, Contingent Workforce Suite, Retirement Benefits Suite, Travel Management and ESOPs Management with an AI based voice enabled virtual assistant.

Steering clear of the cookie cutter approach adopted by most solution providers and possessing the zeal to successfully deliver real business value by going beyond just extending a mere HR processes automation tool, Infotrack brings to the HR tech space many innovations like machine learning for recruitment, AI enabled virtual assistant, power BI for data visualization, geofencing and geotagging for the mobile workforce, face recognition and biometric based attendance, interactive dashboards for realtime data analysis and powerful people analytics to engage workforce and retain the right talent.

Driving Better Business Outcomes with Better Workforce Visibility
Contract/Contingent Workforce Management System(CWMS) suite, another Infotrack's core offerings, is an all encompassing and end-to-end contingent workforce solution that ceaselessly works towards assisting organizations in gaining a better access to top talent while simultaneously catering to policies and statutory compliances. This feature rich solution facilitates customers, once on board, with higher efficiency through complete Contingent Workforce Lifecycle Management, empowers employees with the help of browser based kiosk that promotes employee selfservice, realtime compliance management that caters to policies and statutory compliances, single sign on facility and ease of integration with existing ERPs. With the ubiquity of smart phones over the last few years,
the solution is available as a fully equipped mobile app as well. "Today, more and more companies are utilizing contingent workers to meet global business needs. Contingent Workforce Management System revolutionizes how organizations manage contingent workers to achieve total workforce visibility, maximize cost savings, improve worker and supplier quality, and enforce compliance. This system provides high degree of flexibility and allows configuration and customization of the system as per the organization's needs",says Dr. Bhushan.

Infotrack is reshaping the roles of employer and employee in the work-place and retirement benefits space with its novel Retirement Benefits Management System (RBMS) suite that functions as a single window for administration of multiple schemes. The system has provision for inbuilt benefit processes/workflows with full flexibility and scalability. It comprises the expansive Indian social security obligations such as Provident Fund Trust, Pensions, Gratuity, Super annuation and other welfare trusts. The company takes pride in having engineered a robust decision support system that can be utilized for comprehensive analysis. It can easily manage hybrid schemes and provisions for DBs and DCs. Furthermore, this solution can also be accessed through its mobile app.

Our solution is based on open architecture and can easily interface with existing systems, thereby providing seamless integration. Infotrack can interface with leading ERPS such as SAP, ORACLE apps, and so on

Neural Networks based Analytics
Organizations are increasingly adopting human resource analytics in order to furnish its organization with key insights that can be leveraged to effectively manage and engage employees in order to rapidly and efficiently reach its set business goals. These analytics have the ability to identify key aspects of employee data that can be measured and analyzed to take better informed decisions. Infotrack provides a robust neural networks based predictive analytics engine for effective decision support. This solution helps to transform data into Intelligence, making analytics simple and accessible. Advanced capabilities enables to uncover powerful analyses across the workforce and business data. With powerful dashboards, various visualizations get deeper insights and make data driven decisions. People analytics dashboards give deeper insights and helps understand attrition, hiring metrics, employee cost, and employee engagement by geography, business unit, and manager. With this solution, one can identify the leading indicators of organizational effectiveness. Hire and retain high quality, high-performing talent and use predictive retention analysis to identify employee level risk factors. Find out future high risk of churn and focus on retention of critical people. These data insights help you make better decisions that lead to better business results today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Gearing Up for the Future
Having made significant contributions towards improving the HR functions within organizations in the span of 25 years, Dr. Bhushan strongly believes that they have only just begun to scratch the surface and have a lot more advancements to make in this domain.

The company has put in place a dedicated team of experts that are working on some innovative and cutting edge technologies. Some of the upcoming technologies the company is working on are workforce productivity tools, employee well being and work management, intelligent communications, intelligent employee experience tools and intelligent self-service.

Strong Workforce The Foundation of a Successful Business
Infotrack Systems has been in the market for over 25 years and has serviced a broad range of organizations in this time, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune India 100 enterprises that include some of the leading companies, banks, and government agencies such as Hero MotoCorp Ltd, Aurobindo Pharma Group (10 + companies), Future Group (30+ companies), DCB Bank Ltd, Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd (5+ companies), RAMKY Group( 5 + companies), etc. The company's latest client is HDFC Bank Ltd, the largest private Bank in the country. Infotrack has a proven track record owing to its Business first mindset that helps define the business problem that needs to be solved and maps it to the desired technology-enabled futuristic solution.

The Infotrack team continuously strives to bring positive change to the HR domain through its innovations with truly transformative Digital HR. Infotrack has endeavoured to become a game changer in this field with its intuitive, conversational virtual assistant powered by AI that uses NLP, NLU, deep learning, and selflearning neural networks. While most of the HR products are offering conventional Chabots, Infotrack's Digital Virtual Assistant goes way beyond, performing complex tasks; navigating the entire system, saving precious time and energy. One can directly converse with it on the go, as it is now available on mobile as well as web. It is loaded with feature rich functionality and an intuitive UX based on chat and voice recognition, all in a conversational tone that feels natural. Artificial intelligence and machine learning gather data anonymously and refine it into actionable intent, enabling a personalized, predictive, and effortless customer experience.

"For over two decades our teams have brought the latest technologies to our clients and our cumulative experience of working with hundreds of different organisations across industries has enriched our products. Exhaustive functionalities, processes, features and more than 30 comprehensive modules that are required by large organisations are readily available. We are committed to providing customer centric, tailor made, end-to-end solutions. Infotrack believes in long term customer partnerships and is committed to creating the synergies required by the market leaders by providing complete, user friendly, secure, on premise HCM solutions that will always keep our clients ahead of the competition", signs off Dr.Bhushan.