hSenid Software: Global Industry Experts Take a New Turn in HR Industry

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 10 November 2016, 05:54 IST

According to the Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery Survey by Information Services Group (ISG), there are several areas which are witnessing a pervading influence of new HR technologies. New user interfaces are being built that are equipped with mobile and social capabilities to deliver consumer-friendly experience. Another front runner is cloud technology which is leading the evolution of this market by reducing IT resource involvement. Cloud offerings are beginning to change the way HR directors in medium-to-large organizations procure their human capital management systems. In addition, real-time workforce visibility and flexibility have enabled organizations to respond to changing market conditions.

In India, the buyers and suppliers of HR technology have taken several progressive steps reflecting key trends in the global HR technology market. However, the Indian market has no clear leader in the HR domain. At the top there are players like SAP and Oracle while at the next level there are players like Ramco. hSenid Software India, based in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, has a clear market advantage as it offers globally successfully adopted social and mobile enabled HR product and offers an extremely competitive value proposition. The company has accomplished it by hiring global industry stalwarts from leading companies like Google and Microsoft. 

As Chief Operations Officer, hSenid has appointed Pradeep Agarwal who played a major role in bringing cloud to India way back in 2006. He was also the founding member of Salesforce.com India and was instrumental in setting up the operations of Google enterprise in India. Pradeep has extensive expertise in identifying, designing, leading and marketing technology products in enterprise software and cloud space. He has been a key contributor to enterprise-level planning and a requested consultant to board members, investors, and top-tier executives.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, hSenid has appointed Anuj Gupta who is a seasoned professional with 16+ years of experience of working in large enterprise like MS, SFDC, Infor, GTL for selling enterprise applications, and to create and scale partner ecosystem in India for application business. Anuj is a proactive planner with abilities in implementing strategies for incubating and augmenting business to increase wallet share, and identifying and penetrating new market segments across verticals. His experience provides him not only the foresight to see the long term vision but also the capability to execute that vision into reality. 

End-to-end HR Solution

Led by such industry veterans, hSenid has quickly gained traction in the Indian HR technology market. The company provides an end-to-end HR solution that is modularized, customizable and capable of integration. “India is not just a market but a great ground to build future technology, develop eco system and help companies use abundance of resources to develop and improvise on products,” says Anuj.

A leader in HR Solutions, with over 750 customers across 30 countries and over 18 industries, hSenid is an innovator changing the way organizations nurture and develop their human potential. Operating from Australia, India, Kenya, Singapore and Sri Lanka, hSenid has been specializing in on-premise and cloud HR solutions for over 18 years. “Being a global player, we look at India as an extremely strategic market. In three years from now India would contribute close to 50 percent of global revenues of hSenid,” says Pradeep. 

hSenid provides HR systems, manpower, cloud hosting, pre-sales consulting and business process outsourcing services. It is the only HRIS Solution providing company with a 24X7X365 Global Support Centre. The ISO 9001: 2008 Certified company was Gold award winner at the National Best Quality ICT Software Awards 2014. It is also the only HRIS solution providing company with a dedicated research and development team.

“Our system follows a structured approach encompassing talent acquisition, nurturing, managing tenure life-cycle, compensation and benefits, and smooth employee engagement. It consists of over 30 functional and strategic modules that are seamlessly integrated to enhance visibility, empower decision support and to enrich employee engagement,” says Dinesh B. Saparamadu, Chairman, hSenid Group of Companies. 

Seamless Integration of Strategic Modules 

Powerful scalable options stretch the abilities of the product to be deployed over multifaceted enterprises, including varying localizations and fulfilling statutory reporting needs. It also ensures that employee data are securely managed and end employee HR functions are under their control resulting in higher productivity and employee engagement with necessary accessibility options. 

Successful deployment of the product ensures continuous returns on investment whilst enabling the elevation of employees to fulfill the business needs of the organization with optimum functional and enterprise level collaborations.

The cost savings associated with HRM enterprise reach into many areas of the business, and they can be defined and measured. It is possible to realize a quick return on your HRIS investment, often in less than 15 months.

Combining the Power of Social HR, Mobility and Analytics

hSenid also offers a cloud based HR solution called PeoplesHR. The solution works on a monthly rental basis which is calculated based on the number of users. It engages and empowers employees to build competitive organizations that are constantly achieving desired goals. By combining the power of Social HR, Mobility and a new level of Analytics, PeoplesHR provides a new dimension of competitiveness to an organization’s HR strategy.

Social HR platform enables companies to nurture and enhance their employees’ true potentials. The platform enables employees to interact, update and collaborate,which in turn results in new engagements and employee loyalty. 

The Mobility feature of PeoplesHR allows users to easily log in and manage their HR related data, socially collaborate and track reviews on the go. The top management of any organization can get a holistic picture that allows to gauge the performance of human resources, review analytics, and provide feedback to HR team from anywhere at any time, using any web enabled device.

PeoplesHR is also equipped with Analytics which offers comprehensive and customizable dashboards that allow every organization to tailor their information to meet their desired goals and objectives. The graphical representation of information makes it simpler for the top management to digest important statistics and matrices at a glance. 

Aggressive plan for growth

hSenid has a vision to be among the top three HR players in India by 2017. To achieve this goal, its strategy is to "scale with partners"and in this regard, hSenid is targeting appointing, enabling and growing its partner network in India. “The key is to make a few partners super successful. With this strategy hSenid wants to stay focused on building and marketing an awesome next generation product. hSenid also wishes to leverage strength and experience of local partners to offer implementation services globally,” says Anuj. 

The company has invested aggressively in India market over the past 10 months by partnering with who's who in the industry. Having its presence in major cities across India, hSenid is going to set up local support and product development centers in India. With a clear product road map, it plans to come up with two new releases every year. Recently, it has released an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) platform -‘’JURAA’’ which eliminates the communication gap among employees and leverages the knowledge within everyone in the organization.