Blending Technology with HR for Agile Solutions that Deliver Security

Johnna G. Torsone, EVP & CHRO, Pitney Bowes

At Pitney Bowes our HRIS systems have enabled significant transformation in our function. Beginning several years ago, we have streamlined transactions through employee and manager self-service e-recruiting and e-compensation solutions. We have enabled talent development and assessment needed for the transformation of the business through our LMS system and we have driven an agile work strategy highly valued by employees and the company which can only be successful with the assistance of technology.

Another critical technology solution has been in conjunction with global employee communications. Transparent and spontaneous communications among our global workforce is delivered in the form of Yammer, the communications platform on our global Intranet. Yammer permits our internal communications team to set up global conversations and many subsets of conversations presented by topic and geography. Each employee is empowered to begin their own conversation for inspiration or information. As with most community communications solutions, the etiquette and information sharing is self- correcting and the richness of the conversation often goes far beyond that of a scripted Q and A.

Although these areas of focus have always been part of the CHRO role, the demands are greater than ever in today’s world.The criticality of business transformation and adapting in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive global environment puts a premium on the leadership, talent and client-focused culture required to execute and drive high performance.

Transformation can be difficult and stressful for new and existing employees. The consistency of traditional solutions coupled with the openness of new technology has been instrumental to our success to date. 

Employee Engagement is CHRO’s Key Role

We work more closely than ever with our technology partners as new technologies blend with traditional HR disciplines to create agile solutions that deliver the privacy and security we require throughout the world.
In light of our cultural transformation, a most critical layer is Employee Communications and, with the changing demographics of our workplace and how people communicate, technology is once again a big enabler. 

So, technology solutions which enhance and enable workforce planning and analytics, talent acquisition, assessment, development, performance management, agile work across function, and geography and employee engagement is essential to the CHRO’s key role. Similarly, tools that help simplify administrative processes to enable speed and efficiency are table stakes. 

Every Chief Human Resources Officer now must have a ‘minor’ in technology, privacy, security and social media. Our technology and human resources teams painstakingly adopt and adapt each custom solution with the assurance that it will meet strict internal and regulatory standards. 

Fortunately, I have world-class colleagues across all disciplines that collaborate with the positive energy and transparency that is fast becoming a hallmark of our corporate