iProPal: Bridging The Gap Between IT Professionals & Businesses In Need Of Technology Experts

CIO Vendor HR tech is evolving beyond the conventional world of recruiting, and talent management. Companies are looking at augmenting the efficiency through technical products that can support their recruitment needs. Along with that, companies are working towards finding and hiring remote IT Teams. iProPal with its state-of-the-art platform is effectively bridging the gap between the right skilled developers anywhere in the world and companies. “Finding the right skilled developers is challenging when it is demand specific. To get the best of both worlds, iProPal creates a developer talent pool in their platform wherein the client can see the best match talent for their project,” says Jakeer Mohammad, CEO, iProPal.

iProPal is a highly efficient platform that helps businesses hire and manage remote IT teams. Through iProPal, enterprises like SEPM and Swiss Himmel have been able to onboard developers and data scientists in a week's time. iProPal has a database of more than 4000 registered software developers skilled in Java, python, ML, data science and other niche skills like GIS and RPA tools. The company is constantly churning the developer base through HackerEarth coding challenges, test projects and automated project references. It is also continuously working on enhancing automated tools to curate the developer skills and to smart match the expert skills to the required project requirements. The developers registered on iProPal are from 122 different countries and the number is on a rise.

iProPal is helping Indian developer community by bridging the gap between European IT companies and the right skilled developers anywhere in the world. One of the company's major target markets is Indian developer community as well as the corporate sector. With its unmatched expertise in the arena, iProPalcompetes in the global market even though it has developed its business in India. Where its international competitors cover either only the top-quality IT Freelance community or all freelance non-IT communities, iPropal creates a high performing IT community with more agile project backgrounds and niche
skills. The Indian HR Tech space is expanding and iProPal is growing at an equal pace. “Developers in India are seeking flexible and diversified projects, and our platform offers that. Our mission is to create the largest database of remote developers to help companies accelerate their projects efficiently and meet market demands,” says Jakeer.

The company fuels proactive communication by helping clients receive work status on a daily basis. It does that by offering automatic notification processes through GIT Push, Slack and additional communication channels that clients use. iProPal leverages the cost effectiveness upto 50 percent. By providing access to the international developer community. Through iProPal, companies can hire the right developer in just two weeks. The company takes full accountability of onboarding the right team and for the project deliverables. It also allows companies to outsource data sensitive projects with iProPal dedicated teams, the team assesses the needs of the clients and matches dedicated IT teams and freelancers based on the project requirements.

Our mission is to create the largest and curated database of remote developers so that companies can accelerate their projects efficiently and meet the time to market demand

The platform allows clients to post a job for free and only pay once they hire using the platform. It offers a range of benefits to the developers too. Developers can create their smart profile on iProPal's platform and instantly see matching jobs based on their skills. The platform also offers opportunities to work with international clients and on both medium to long term projects.

iProPal platform is currently serving customers from Swiss and German markets and is soon expecting to enter UAE, other European countries, and the US. In terms of revenue, they are eyeing crossing the $1 million milestone soon. It aims to onboard and curate additional 3000-5000 developers and create 1000 IT jobs on the platform by the end of 2021. “The future of iProPal is to challenge the status quo by thinking differently. We will not just make finding the right IT talent easy but also boost HR processes by developing tools powered by automation and data science, introducing social aspects and IT Trainings, creating a system that offers rewards for the tech community,” concludes Jakeer.