How Disruptions in Internet of Things to Impact Our Day to Day Life

Dalveer Singh, Head IT, Sentiss Pharma | Monday, 30 October 2017, 09:20 IST

Real World Applications:

Smart Home:

Smart Homes have become an extraordinary innovation in the residential space and this will become one big thing going forward after smart phone.With IoT catching up, connected homes will help in providing a luxury life and remain connected at a single click.

You can think of a smart appliance like a smart refrigerator or an air conditioner which will be operated through your smart phone or wearable gadget. As per the Cisco report, IoT will generate USD 14.4 trillion in value across all industries in the next decade. IoT will bring a revolutionary wave of technology. This wave of technology is really going to change human life drastically.

Connected cars, smart homes, wearables glasses and gadgets, ultra-modern smart cities will change the way and style of our day to day lives.

Medical Emergencies:

Online Doctors consultations with wearable connected devices will become a reality. Real time access to get and share your medical history over cloud is no more a surprise. All major pathology labs have already started providing patient testing data over the net.

Devices giving alarms to your friends and relatives in case of a medical emergency in detected. It will improve life expectancy and your age as well.

Connected Cars:

The automotive industry is targeting digital technology on optimizing vehicles internal functions. All attention is stepping towards enhancing the user experience in car. A connected car is a vehicle which is able to optimize it’s own operation, maintenance as well as comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity.

Industrial IoT Applications:


- Mobile Platforms: New mobile-integrated platforms will lead plant managers to access machine data on real time basis. It will help in controlling and checking equipment and production line efficiency and taking faster decisions thus reducing break down maintenance time.

-Interconnected Supply Chain: Interconnected vehicles and mobile interfaces will facilitate supply chain visibility and monitoring of stocks throughout the life of a product. Companies who will provide such information online will gain trust of regulatory agencies and people due to their transparent approach and availability of data on real time or at any point in time during past.


- Automation and Better Visibility: Once machinery and IOT systems relate to a network within Plant, manufacturers can use this information to automate workflows to optimize production systems without human intervention. Production and planning can be approved real time which brings better visibility in manufacturing setup.

- Subcontracting: In subcontracting processes, presence of IOT sensors and access to analytical reports will help in gaining customer trust if real time information can be shared with your stake holders.

- Machine Communication: Machine to machine (M2M) communications will enable a different level of automation and prioritize work as per pre-defined parameters. This will help decision makers especially planners to foresee constraints involved in execution of next cycle. For example, GM Motors uses sensor data information to check if next component is worth paint or not.

- Proactive maintenance: With increased use of sensors, wireless connectivity and big data analytical tools it is very easy to see machine performance and monitor their health. Alerts can be automated in case of detecting out of specification results in various parameters such as temperature, humidity or pressure range etc. Breakdown of a machine triggers a major lose to business due to unavailability of spare parts immediately. With predictive analysis of sensor big data, IoT can help a manufacturer improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and save money by predicting well planned preventive maintenance.

- Optimized Electrical Consumption: Industrial electrical consumptionis one of the largest operating costs in a manufacturing unit. With an integrated IoT and automation of environmental controls, electricity can create cost savings for manufacturers.With Centralized Connected energy solutions can provide peak demand charge avoidance and enable economy model operations.

Data Analytics:

Data analytics technique is used to examine pre-stored organizational data to draw conclusions about the information they contain. Data analytics are widely used in commercial industries to enable organizations to take informed business decisions based on past performances.

Big Data generated by machine sensors and connected devices in manufacturing area will facilitate in analyzing data and providing predictive maintenance schedule as per the previous trends. Use of mobility and IOT will help in comparing Big Data on real time basis and taking valuable decisions. Maintenance alerts on finding anout of specification observation or past trend which lead to failure in past may help in increasing life span of the machines.

No doubt disruption in IOT space will impact our day to day and industrial life in a big way. This would be a next wave of change which will resolve many problems and bring its own challenges in security space.